When I was thinking about what to write in this blog (this has basically taken up ALL my thinking time over the past 24 hours) it struck me that unless you live in South Australia then you might well be a leetle bit vague about where the bloody hell the Adelaide Hills actually are.

Now as I’m writing this on a Mac and can’t figure out how to add pictures downloaded from t’internet, shut your eyes for a moment, think of AUSTRALIA, that great big island continent. As you’re quite bright and listened during school you probably can put your finger on the fleshpot that is Sydney and the fashion center that is Melbourne, Adelaide you may be a bit more vague about. Well, it’s basically just right of the middle at the bottom. Adelaide, Capital City of glorious South Australia – the bit that not many people know about.

Anyhoo, the Adelaide Hills are just outside (slightly to the right, if your looking face on, or ‘EAST’ if you want to be all sciency) of Adelaide. Basically from my house turn right, then right again, get onto the freeway and whiz bang in 15 mins you’re in the center of one of the quietest most liveable cities on the planet. And it’s not just me saying that, thrillingly Adelaide was voted quite high in a recent survey of livable places to live so ner.

Adelaide enjoys a lovely climate, long hot summers (this was a struggle for me when I first arrived, a typical Pom who thought 24 degrees was HOT), and cool wet winters. The hills basically enjoy the same climate but with cooler summers and wetter, colder, foggier winters. This means it’s ideal for growing stuff, er, grapes and, er, cheese.

So, well, I think that just about covers our lesson for today. All clear on where it is I’m talking about? You can probably tell from this informative post that in a past life I was a teacher. What an incredible loss to the profession I am. Any questions at the back? Hands up . . . No . . . ? Then you may go.


Here is a picture of a small child (mine) feeding the ducks in an Adelaide Hills winter. See WET.