Ahhh, Sunday morning in the Adelaide Hills. Birds singing, blossom stretching open in the first warm bursts of sun, lawn mowers on full charge. How bucolic, how idyllic, HOW MASSIVELY IRRITATING WITH A HANGOVER.


Spring flowers having the audacity to be cheerful.

How was your Saturday? If it was anything like mine it was brilliant. How wonderful it is to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon stuffing one’s face with the finest pulled pork, the tastiest raspberry and almond cake and the singularly most delicious wines (first prize to Pikes Reisling http://www.pikeswines.com.au/, second to The Lane Chardonnay https://www.thelane.com.au/ and an honorable mention to Taylors Cab Sav http://www.taylorswines.com.au/). Joined by some of our dearest friends and their delightful children the afternoon passed in an enjoyable haze of gossip – She did WHAT and WITH HIM??, food and wine and sunshine. Only slightly marred by the sudden whiff from the drains making an unwelcome appearance during the cheese course – nb must ring plumber tomorrow.

All of this enjoyable conviviality meant that I spent rather a restless night  – I can never sleep well after a few sherberts, is it the same for you? I rose at 6.45am this morning feeling a teeny weeny bit below par. What this seedyness needs I sternly told myself is a long walk with a short child and a fat dog finishing up at the Aldgate Providor. Our short legged and stout Beagle leaped from his bed all waggy and eager to join a similarly eager child and a less eager but equally short legged and stout adult (me).


One of the great joys of living up here is that you can step out of the house and pretty much walk for hours in any direction through the pretty streets and easily out into the countryside. My daughter, dog and I walked in the warm sunshine past the kids up the road riding their bikes, past the barky dog in the next street, past the Sunday morning litter picking crew in high viz vests, past the Aldgate Creek (see above) arriving in downtown Aldgate in time for a much needed morning coffee at the funky Mexican Cantina themed Aldgate Providor http://www.aldgateprovidore.com.au/.

To say I needed a coffee was a mild understatement, I NEEEEDED a coffee, NEEDED it I tell you like the deserts need the rain. Last night’s Deviation Road Sauvignon Blanc http://www.deviationroad.com/ which was delicious at 8pm had left me feeling flatter than flat Stanley and a good shot of caffeine was required before I gave in and lay down on the pavement.


The Aldgate Providor is great, busy, buzzy and interestingly Mexican. It’s open through the week serving Mexican food and cocktails in the evenings, and hearty fare, great cakes and big breakfasts during the day. We had to sit outside as we had the dog with us, but we quickly ordered a Banana Milkshake, a slice of Mulberry, Walnut and White Chocolate cake – God’s own choice of breakfast food – and a large skinny flat white. The waitresses wear the coolest Mexican aprons, the tables wear the coolest Mexican table clothes, the walls wear the coolest Mexican bunting. Trust me they really are totally committed to the whole Mexican vibe.


Much to our delight the milkshake and cake arrived both given the double thumbs up by my young companion. But then we waited.

and waited

and waited a bit more.

People came and went, the dog sniffed lazily at passing breakfasts, I checked Twitter, facebook and took a few photos. Look here’s my daughter eating . . .


Eventually my coffee arrive and you know what, IT WAS BITTER. Bitter I tell you. HORRORS. I was so disappointed. The Providor usually does ace coffee, what happened? Had the barista hit the Chardonnay as hard as me the night before? Anyway I was disappointed. Disappointed and dejected. Also depressed. By this time the daughter and dog had had enough so I gulped down half a cup and we trudged back up the hill arriving home to make a good solid brew of Yorkshire Tea, which was strong enough to go some way to make up for the lack of liquid stimulation. A couple of cups later I was revived enough to tackle the weeding. Which I’m still not convinced is a good thing.